The College of Arts and Architecture

Undergraduate Audition Scheduling

Note: You must submit your application to Penn State prior to completing an audition request.

Once you have applied, do not wait to hear from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions before scheduling.

*January 16-17: piano only. Auditionees must register and participate in the Marian Garcia Piano Competition and Teacher Workshop. Click here for more information

*January 24: no double bass, violin, viola, saxophone
*January 31: no violin, viola, double bass
* February 7: no flute or viola. Contact Professor Seidman (flute) for other options.
* February 21: no flute or tuba/euphonium.

Trombone auditions are scheduled on Sundays during audition season. Please complete the audition request form, selecting "other."

Students who plan to audition for the voice performance minor (current students only) may do so on Dec. 15 or May 4. Please complete the audition request form, select "other," and list one of those dates. Change of major students who want to audition in voice may also audition on Dec. 15. 

In certain cases, permission may be granted to send a recorded audition. Click here for information.


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