The College of Arts and Architecture
View from Curtain


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August 11, 2017

  • Concrete footers are being poured. We can now see the outline of the new building.
  • Rebar and cement work has begun
  • The lobby of Esber Recital Hall is, as of today, closed for the duration of the project. The lobby furniture has been relocated to Music II.
  • Asbestos abatement in Music I is completed, power has been restored, all rooms are open to return, and blinds are being re-installed.
  • The crosswalk work in front of Music I and II on Allen Road is now complete.
  • If you have concerns during business hours regarding construction, (safety, noise, smells, etc.), please contact the main office. During the evenings, for emergency Dial 911. For non-emergencies, call campus police at 863-1111.

August 3, 2017

  • The footings are being installed for the new building. The rebar and cement work will begin next week.
  • The organ has been successfully removed and is awaiting installation in Park Forest United Methodist Church – thanks to Greg Herrold for his invaluable assistance in this process!
  • Demolition continues in Esber Recital Hall. The locks have been changed, and it is off-limits to all but construction workers.
  • The mailroom has been demolished and is now an access point for Esber demolition material and equipment. The copy room now also serves as the mail room.
  • Phase V of the asbestos abatement program in Music I is occurring. The elevator in Music I is offline, and the outside doors are locked. Please enter through Music II.

July 13, 2017

  • Construction crews are driving several hundred pillars of rock into the earth to create the foundation of the new hall. Music I and II shake quite a bit during this process.
  • Phase III (Music I second floor) asbestos abatement is now completed, and faculty offices can again be occupied, and we will start returning lockers and re-hanging bulletin boards in the coming weeks. The hallways will retain an “industrial look” until summer 2019.  
  • Window replacement in Music I is now complete.
  • The exit doors in the southeast corner of Music 1 (under Dr. Carr’s office) are now for emergency exit only. A revised evacuation plan will be distributed this fall.
  • At the conclusion of the 2017 Honors Music Institute on July 22, demolition will begin in Esber Recital Hall. The back half of the seats will be removed, as well as the wood paneling. Pianos and sound equipment will be transferred to new locations, and work will begin to dismantle the organ on July 24.