The College of Arts and Architecture

Double Bass

January 21, 2017 and February 4, 2017 are the only two Saturday dates available for double bass auditions.

Auditionees for the M.M. in Performance or the Professional Performance Certificate should prepare two contrasting movements of a standard concerto (Vanhal, Bottesini, Koussevitsky, etc.) or sonata (Misek, Sperger, Hindemith, Schubert, etc.), as well as the following orchestral excerpts:

  • Beethoven, 5th Symphony, 3rd movement
  • Beethoven, 9th Symphony, Recitative
  • Verdi, Othello solo
  • Prokofiev, solo from Lieutenant Kije
  • Mozart, Symphony No. 40, 1st movement

A movement of a Bach unaccompanied suite may be substituted for one of the concerto/sonata movements.

To schedule an audition, please complete the online audition scheduling form. Applicants who wish to be considered for graduate assistantships should schedule auditions/interviews as early as possible.

Live auditions are preferred; however, international students and others who are unable to travel to campus may submit a recorded audition. Please send either a DVD to the address listed on the degree description or submit an electronic video link to Professor Nairn. Live auditions are preferred for applicants applying for teaching assistantships.

Instructor: Robert Nairn