The College of Arts and Architecture

Penn State Opera Theatre 2016-17 Auditions

Spring 2017

Alcina by George Friderick Handel

Performed in Esber Recital Hall

Performances: March 25, 26 (performed in Italian)

The sorceress Alcina lures heroes to her enchanted island and changes them into rocks, streams, trees, and animals. Her latest captive is the crusader Ruggiero. Bradamante (Ruggiero's fiancee), disguised as a man, and Melisso come in search of him. Alcina's sister Morgana soon becomes attracted to the disguised Bradamante. This causes her lover, Oronte, to be jealous. In the end, Ruggiero and Bradamante escape and destroy the magic powers of Alcina and Morgana.

Alcina will begin music rehearsals second semester, but will also rehearse in the evenings (M-F, Sat morning or afternoon). 

All graduate students and undergraduate performance majors are REQUIRED to audition for the productions and play as cast. If not cast in the productions, those students are then REQUIRED to take MUS 467.

During both semesters next year, MUS 467 (Opera Workshop) will meet and culminate in staged scenes programs.

Note: Auditions for Alcina have already occurred. Please consider auditioning for Penn State Opera Theatre in Fall 2017.