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2006 Festival

The 2006 Celebration of African American Spirituals included guest artists Herbert Jones, baritone and organist/composer Roy Belfield, Jr.

February 10, 2006 Esber Recital Hall

University Choir; Anthony Leach, conductor

  • Ride The Chariot ♦ arranged by André Thomas
  • Don't Be Weary Traveler ♦ arranged by Virginia Seals (Colleen Kampa, oboe; Kelly Wright, piano)
  • Who'll Be A Witness? ♦ arranged by Wendell Whalum (Robert Anthony, soloist)

Herbert Jones, baritone; Anthony Leach piano

  • I Want Jesus to Walk With Me ♦ arranged by Edward Boatner
  • Ride On, King Jesus ♦ arranged by Hall Johnson

Oriana Singers; Lynn Drafall, conductor; Wenny Chandra, piano

  • Hold On! ♦ arranged by J. Clifton Noble
  • Swing Low ♦ arranged by J. Clifton Noble (Elizabeth Colpo, soloist)

Roy Belfield, Jr., organ

  • Great Day ♦ arranged by David C. Stills
  • O Fix Me ♦ arranged by James Roland Braithwaite
  • Walk Together Children ♦ arranged by André J. Thomas

Norman Spivey, baritone; Anthony Leach, piano

  • Give Me Jesus ♦ arranged by Marvin Mills
  • Every Time I Feel The Spirit ♦ arranged by Marvin Mills

Glee Club; Christopher Kiver, conductor; Eric Brinser, graduate assistant; Lee Wagner, piano

  • Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child ♦ arranged by Fenno Heath (Michael Natale, soloist)
  • Soon-ah Will Be Done ♦ arranged by William Dawson

Concert Choir; Lynn Drafall, conductor

  • In His Care-O ♦ arranged by William Dawson
  • There is a Balm in Gilead ♦ arranged by William Dawson (Martin Conover Coyle, soloist)

February 12, 2006 Esber Recital Hall

Essence of Joy; Anthony Leach, music director

  • Hear My Prayer ♦ Moses Hogan
  • Walk Together Children ♦ arranged by Anthony Leach
  • Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen ♦ arranged by Roy Belfield, Jr. (Quinn Vogt-Welch and Brendan Buckley, soloists)
  • If I Got My Ticket ♦ arranged by Roy Belfield, Jr.  (Emile Rochon, soloist)
  • Grandmama Singing to The Lord ♦ Christina Harrison
  • Glory, Glory Hallelujah ♦ Wallace Cheatham
  • Get On Board Little Children ♦ arranged by Raymond Wise
  • Sweet Little Jesus Boy ♦ arranged by Raymond Wise (Christie McKinney, soloist)
  • In Bright Mansions ♦ arranged by Roland Carter
  • Soon I Will Be Done ♦ arranged by Raymond Wise
  • Meditation on 'I Want Jesus To Walk With Me' ♦ arranged by Anthony Leach (Sean Lynch, Emily Mills, Allyson Daniel, soloists;  Becca Zeigler, Quinn Vogt-Welch, Lindsey Hylbert, trio)
  • Where The Sun Will Never Go Down ♦ Bernice Johnson Reagon
  • No Matter What I'm Gonna Keep On ♦ Raymond Wise
  • There Is No Failure in God ♦ Shirley M. K. Berkeley