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2008 Festival

The 2008 Celebration of African American Spirituals featured guest high school choirs and Penn State choirs.

February 1, 2008 Esber Recital Hall (afternoon)

White Plains High School Concert Choir; Penelope Cruz, conductor

  • My God is a Rock ♦ Damon Dandridge
  • Deep River ♦ H. T. Burleigh
  • Ezekiel Saw de Wheel ♦ William L. Dawson
  • Halleluia Praise The Lord ♦ Robert Ray

York High School Concert Choir; Aimee Trimmer, conductor

  • Sit Down Servant ♦ Linda Twine
  • Good News, the Chariot's Comin' ♦ Moses Hogan
  • Shut De Do ♦ arranged by Mark Hayes
  • Nia (from Kwanzaa Suite) ♦ Glenn Burleigh

High Point High School Concert Choir; Ned Lewis, conductor

  • I Got A Home In-A Dat Rock ♦ Moses Hogan
  • I'm Gonna Sing Til The Spirit Moves in My Heart ♦ Moses Hogan
  • My God Is So High ♦ Moses Hogan
  • My Soul's Been Anchored In The Lord ♦ Moses Hogan

February 1, 2008 Esber Recital Hall (evening)

University Choir; Anthony Leach, conductor; G. Scott Barton, graduate assistant

  • I Got A Robe ♦ arranged by Moses Hogan (Lincoln Hui, Ross Peduzzi, Peter Rea, Kelsie Bicking, Abby Drew, Halley Thompson, soloists)
  • Ride The Chariot ♦ arranged by Moses Hogan

Glee Club; Matt Travis, conductor (graduate assistant)

  • We Shall Walk Through The Valley In Peace ♦ adapted by William Appling
  • Evr'y Time I Feel the Spirit ♦ arranged by William L. Dawson (Scott Harris, soloist)

Oriana Singers; Anthony Leach, conductor

  • There Is A Balm In Gilead ♦ William L. Dawson (Maggie Eder, Jen Bittner, Kerry Michael, soloists)
  • Freedom Come ♦ Ben Allaway (Jessica Angeline, Jessica Dovey, Kaylyn Finnerty, Amy Gilbert, Mary Katerman, Jessie Leo, Melissa Zabell, soloists)

Concert Choir; Christopher Kiver, conductor; G. Scott Barton, graduate assistant

  • My Lord What a Mourning ♦ William L. Dawson
  • Ain't Got Time to Die ♦ Hall Johnson