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Armstrong Duo

armstrongArmstrong Flute and Percussion Duo, comprised of former faculty member Eleanor Duncan Armstrong and Dan C. Armstrong, endeavors to commission, promote, and perform chamber music for various combinations of flutes and percussion instruments.  Their commissioned works include Philip Parker's "Beneath the Canopy,"  which was chosen as a winner of the National Flute Association's Newly Published Music Competition in 1996 and performed by the Duo at the NFA convention in New York that year. The Duo has also performed at NFA conventions in Phoenix (1998) and Columbus (2000). They made their fourth NFA appearance at the 2004 convention in Nashville performing their latest commissioned work, "Three Days in May" by University of North Carolina composer Lynn Glassock.

The Duo's other commissioned works include "Spirit Realms" by University of Texas composer Dan Welcher, "Pu Em Remu" by Ithaca College composer Dana Wilson, and "Music for Flute and Drums" by Penn State Professor Emeritus Burt Fenner.

The Duo has made two CD recordings. The first, Exotic Chamber Music, is on the Centaur label. The second, 'Creative Mix,' has recently been released by Gasparo Recordings. This latest CD includes the above-mentioned commissioned pieces and two other works.

Exotic Chamber Music

The Armstrong Flute and Percussion Duo

Beneath the Canopy by Philip Parker
Alfa, Op. 16 by Tauno Marttinen
Duettino Concertante by Ingolf Dahl
Fantavia by Elizabeth Walton Vercoe
Interplay by Robert Mols
Songbirdsongs by John Luther Adams

Exotic Chamber Music

Exotic Chamber Music, The Armstrong Flute and Percussion Duo [hyperlink]. Centaur #2273, ©1996.  Music by Parker, Marttinen, Vercoe, Dahl, Mols, and Adams.   Guest appearances by Eileen Yarrison and Douglas Walter.  "The Armstrong Duo's performance ... is astounding and entrances the listener. Exotic Chamber Music is a journey of sounds and colors that one should not miss!" - Percussive Notes, February 1997.

Creative Mix

Six recent works for flute and percussion duo by composers Welcher, Glassock, Wilson, Fenner, Hofmann and Tanner.

Creative Mix

"There's plenty to beguile the ear ... the versatile performers bring effusive life to all these demanding works."
MusicWeb-International, January 2007

"I am deeply impressed with the range of styles. Each piece is a joy to hear from start to finish. The Armstrongs play with energy and control..."
American Record Guide, May/June 2007

"...this music is evocative, mysterious, and powerful. All of the selections are beautifully played..."
Percussive Notes, June 2007