The College of Arts and Architecture

Accessing the Music Event Planner

The view-only Music Event Planner (for faculty and staff) requires a login to another server.

1. Go to the top of your computer screen where website addresses are viewed, and enter: This will take you to a login screen.

picture of login screen

2. For account name, enter your For password, enter the same password you use for other PSU logins. This will take you to a menu screen. Click on Music Event Planner 2.0. This will take you directly to the planner.

link to click

3. Find your event and click on it. The event will go to the top. Once your event is shown at the top in the table view, you can then click on any of the three tabs above (General Info, Stagehand Info, Program) to view the information received.

example spreadsheet

4. If the information is erroneous, please contact Beth Nackley, Greg Herrold, or Russell Bloom. Each has administrative access to the MEP and can submit, change, or delete information.