The College of Arts and Architecture

Music Studies

The minor in music studies is intended to provide students with an opportunity for focused study of music theory, history and literature while continuing their involvement in music ensembles.

Requirements for the Music Studies Minor (grade of C or above) are:

  • 8 credits  Theory: Music 131, 132, 231, 331
  • 4 credits  Ensembles
  • 3 credits  History: Music 261 or 262
  • 6 credits  400-level courses (see below)*
  • 21 credits

* Applicable courses include Music 422, 431, 461-463, 485, 487.
Permission of theory faculty is required for acceptance into Music 131 (and may require remedial work, such as Music 008).
How to apply: Students must meet with the minor adviser (see contact information below) to work out a plan of study and to apply formally to the minor. Students are not considered music minors until this application form is completed. There may be considerable variability in how the 400-level course requirements will be met, so students MUST meet regularly with the minor adviser to plan the course of study. No further audition is required for entrance to the program except for ensemble auditions (held the first week of each semester).

Minor Adviser:
Prof. Timothy Hurtz
211 Music Building II
(814) 863-2048