The College of Arts and Architecture

Music Technology Minor

University Park, College of Arts and Architecture (MUTEC)

TBA, in charge, School of Music and School of Theatre

PROFESSOR CURTIS CRAIG, in charge, School of Theatre

Administered by faculty from the College of Arts & Architecture's School of Music and the School of Theatre, the Minor in Music Technology is appropriate for undergraduate students seeking to apply domains of knowledge from their majors or General Education programs to issues of audio production and digital technology in music.

The program consists of prescribed foundation courses in musical acoustics, digital audio, sound design and audio recording. Supporting course work allows students to focus in advanced topics such as music software programming, multi-media, or entertainment systems.

The MUTEC minor has been pursued by students majoring in areas such as Music, Theatre Sound Design, Integrative Arts, Film Production, Information Science & Technology, and Computer Science, although students in any major may pursue the MUTEC minor.

The Music Technology Minor Committee is authorized to award a minor certificate to any undergraduate who, in addition to satisfying the degree requirements of his or her baccalaureate major, satisfies the requirements for the Music Technology Minor. The completion of the minor is reflected by a formal notation in the student's official record at the time of graduation.

Students must declare a major before they may request admission to a minor. However, those interested in the music technology minor are encouraged to begin taking applicable courses as early as possible. Courses tend to reach enrollment capacity the semester prior to their being offered, so it may not be possible to accommodate students who try to enroll late. Students who apply to the minor before the beginning of their 6th semester have the best chance of being accepted. Students who have earned at least a grade of C in INART 050, INART 258A and THEA 285 may apply for admission to the program by submitting an application to the Committee. [see below]

A grade of C or better is required for all courses in the minor.

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sugggested semester sequence

Semesters 1-4:

Prescribed Courses
Course Description Credits
MUSIC 008 GA* Rudiments of Music
(all semesters)
INART 050 GN Science of Music
(fall semesters)
INART 258A GA Fundamentals of Digital Audio
(fall and spring semesters)

Semesters 5-8:

Prescribed Courses
Course Description Credits
THEA 285 Introduction to Sound Design
(spring semesters)
THEA 484** Sound Recording Techniques
(fall and spring semesters)

* MUSIC 008 may be waived for students with prior musical experience.
** THEA 484 has limited enrollment; admission to this course is controlled by the instructor, Curtis Craig.

Select 6 credits of Supporting and Related Areas from the list linked here, from applicable courses in your major, or in consultation with one of the professors in charge of the minor. At least 3 credits must be 400-level. (Sem: 5-8)

Applying to the Minor
Students who have completed (or are in the process of completing) INART 50, INART 258A and THEA 285 may apply to the minor at the end of each semester by submitting a portfolio to TBA. This should consist of the student's 9-digit PSU ID, a list of courses taken that apply to the minor and grades earned in them, courses remaining to complete the minor, and a collection of the student's best work, in whatever form is most appropriate (papers, recordings, web pages, etc.). If other materials are also submitted as physical media, be sure to label all materials and put them together in an envelope to ensure that nothing gets lost. If they are uploaded to an online repository, such as Box, put everything into a single folder and zip it up so that we may download everything with one click.

Applications will be reviewed by TBA and Curtis Craig. Students who have been approved for the minor will be notified that they may enroll in it on LionPath. Students who have been admitted to the minor may contact Curtis Craig to enroll in THEA 484 Audio Recording.