The College of Arts and Architecture

Violin Study

violin player

Violin lessons for non-majors are offered and are generally taught by graduate teaching assistants (TA). Priority is given to students who will be performing on violin in one of our School of Music orchestras, but others may be accepted based upon available instructor hours. Depending on the number of applications we receive, auditions MAY be required to determine the most eligible students for the limited schedules of our busy TAs. If an audition is required, it will be held during the first week of classes. Successful applicants will be enrolled in lessons during the first week of the semester and assigned to a TA. It is the responsibility of the TA to contact their assigned students so that lessons can begin during the second week of classes. Students who are not accepted will be so notified by email. Generally, late requests for lessons will not be accommodated. Please contact Professor James Lyon ( if you have questions not answered by the preceding material.