The College of Arts and Architecture

Voice Study

Voice study is available to non-majors by audition. These auditions are held each fall and spring semester during the first two days of classes. An audition sign-up sheet with important information is posted outside of 113 Music Building I at the end of the previous semester.

For the audition, prepare one song in any style, preferably memorized, and bring the sheet music in the correct key to the audition. An accompanist to play the piano part will be provided. If the song is not written for voice and piano, singers may use another instrument or sing a cappella.

The list of students accepted for private lessons will be posted outside of 113 Music Building I the day after the auditions (third day of classes).

Private Lessons

Voice 100 is a one-credit course that includes a weekly 30-minute lesson. All students are eligible for private voice study, but space is limited. Priority is given to students who need voice as a curricular requirement and to students who are in disciplines that have professional voice requirements (theatre, communication disorders, etc.). Lessons are typically with graduate teaching assistants. Every effort will be made to place students with the teacher of their choice, based on studio availability.

There is no jury examination required, but students who wish to continue private study must re-audition every semester. The course carries a fee of $175.

Voice 500 is a graduate course that parallels V100, but auditions are handled separately. Interested students should contact individual voice faculty members regarding availability and auditions.