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Prospective Composition and Technology Applicants:

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At Penn State Composition & Music Technology, we are creators & innovators. Part of ROARS (Research of the Arts, Recording, and Sound), we are engaged with first-rate studios, cutting-edge curricula, and a cooperative & interdisciplinary artistic culture. The School of Music offers the following degrees in Composition and Technology:

  • Bachelor of Music in Music Composition
  • Master of Music in Music Composition
  • Bachelor of Arts in Music with an Option in Music Technology
  • Minor in Music Technology
  • PPC in Music Composition and Technology

The Music Composition program provides students with a comprehensive training, including composition of concert music, film scoring, songwriting, and electroacoustic music. Acoustic and electronic composition courses, private lessons, weekly seminar meetings, and master classes comprise the core of study. Several concerts devoted to presenting student compositions take place each year and student works are regularly performed by the school’s many ensembles. Although focused on works for the concert hall, music technology plays a major role in the composition curriculum. In addition to composing works for solo, chamber, large-ensemble, and computer-music genres, composition students carry out a series of career-building projects focused on music business, as well as score study, listening assignments, and reading assignments.

Music Technology students learn to construct & use recording studios, electronic instruments, music software & hardware, as well as use computers to inform their work as a performer, composer, musicologist, acoustician, music theorist, mathematician, artist, or engineer. For majors, this training takes place in weekly seminars, live concerts, studio recording sessions, and courses in audio engineering,  music programming, acoustics, and the history & culture of electroacoustic music. Music tech majors are encouraged to deepen their understanding of their specific areas of interest, creating projects that will serve as their calling cards when they leave Penn State.

ROARS also provides musicians that do not wish to major in technology or composition the tools they need to adapt their artistry or funding models to a changing world, or to augment their knowledge in another specialization with the insights of musicians. Music Technology Minors have the opportunity to pursue their inspirations within the ROARS culture in a way that complements their area of specialization.

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Baljinder Singh Sekhon, II
Music Composition
Jonathan Dexter
Music Technology
Curtis Craig
Music Technology
Dr. Steven Rice
Music Technology