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Conducting Studies

Penn State offers aspiring conductors a thorough and well-rounded approach to the study of conducting. At the undergraduate level, the conducting faculty introduce and refine conducting gestures, and develop skills in score reading and rehearsal techniques. Three levels of conducting study are offered at the undergraduate level, taught by faculty members with Masters-level conducting students assisting.

Graduate degrees in conducting are designed for the preparation of professional conductors and teachers, with options in choral, orchestral, and band/wind ensemble music. We provide students intensive opportunities to develop their conducting and rehearsal techniques, explore a large body of literature appropriate to their area of study, refine their skills in music analysis and score preparation, and expand their knowledge in music theory and history. Significant conducting experiences with University ensembles form a vital part of the graduate experience.

The size of each conducting program is limited to facilitate a deeper level of learning and focused attention from faculty, including frequent individual conducting lessons. At the graduate level, conductors have opportunities to work with faculty from all three conducting areas, and students are encouraged to continue their studies in individual performance or composition. All graduate conducting students receive the opportunity to conduct the faculty-led large ensembles. Financial support is available through assistantships and fellowships.

christopher kiver
Choirs, Conducting
Gerardo Edelstein
Orchestras, Conducting
Athletic Bands, Conducting
Tonya Mitchell-Spradlin
Director of Wind Band Studies, Conducting