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Music Education

Our degree programs focus on the study of music learning and teaching. Through the “Center for the Study of Music Learning and Teaching” we are able to bring visiting scholars to campus to enhance the already extensive expertise of the faculty and expand our students’ experiences.

The B.M.E. degree is for undergraduate students intending to receive Pennsylvania Teacher Certification in Music (K-12). Students are prepared to teach music to children in grades K-12 in general, choral, band, and orchestral settings. As part of the program, students develop their own professional e-portfolio, beginning in Freshmen Seminar, amending throughout the program, and culminating with a completed portfolio useful when applying for teaching positions.

The M.M.E. degree is for music teachers who seek further professional development. The degree program blends theory and practice. Students have opportunities to further their skills and knowledge as music teachers. They also take courses to expand their understanding of the processes of scholarly inquiry in the profession and how those processes have application in their own teaching settings.

The Ph.D. degree is for music teachers who wish to engage in research endeavors and, typically, seek positions in higher education upon degree completion. The focus is on the student’s individual development as a scholar in the profession.

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