The College of Arts and Architecture


Auditions for the M.M. in performance or the Professional Performance Certificate should reflect a mastery of the fundamentals of clarinet playing, including a high degree of technical achievement, articulation, and tonal control. The audition should reveal a mature approach to phrasing and expressiveness. Auditions will last about twenty-five minutes and should include the following:

  • a repertoire list of previously studied literature and a biographical statement
  • one complete solo piece (i.e. concerto, sonata, French conservatory piece)
  • two additional works representative of different style periods. These may be two contrasting movements from two contrasting pieces.
  • a minimum of five excerpts from standard orchestral repertoire
  • Please also record the following scales and arpeggios: E major (3-octaves), Eb major (2-octaves), Ab major ( 2-octaves), and a chromatic scale (3-octaves) *please position camera so that both of your hands are viewable.

Please provide a link to your pre-recorded audition video as an Unlisted Youtube Video in your GRADS application.

Clarinet applicants should arrange a follow-up interview directly with the instructor. If the instructor requests that the audition occur on one of our undergraduate audition days, please complete the online audition scheduling form. Applicants who wish to be considered for graduate assistantships should schedule auditions/interviews as early as possible.

Instructor: Anthony J. Costa