The College of Arts and Architecture


Candidates for the M.M. in Performance or the Professional Performance Certificate should prepare a 15-20 minute performance demonstrating their representative solo repertoire and highest proficiency level. Selection of literature which includes stylistic variations is desirable and encouraged. 


Upload to YouTube an unedited video audition viewable to all who have access to the link (privacy setting “Unlisted") and send the link to Professor Krygier. Applicants must demonstrate a keen level of performance ability in the following major areas of percussion performance: snare drum (concert and rudimental), mallet keyboard percussion (two and four-mallet), and timpani. Include four to six excerpts from the orchestral repertoire demonstrating knowledge of standard literature on snare drum, xylophone and timpani. Students are also encouraged to submit audio and/or video performances of other applicable areas such as multiple percussion, chamber performance, drum set, and world percussion.


Upload with your application a PDF containing your repertoire list, select programs and reviews (if available) of concerts performed. 


Contact Professor Joseph Krygier ( to discuss the admissions process and any questions you might have regarding the Penn State percussion program.