The College of Arts and Architecture


There will be no tuba auditions on Saturday, February 4, 2017.  Please choose another date.

Auditionees for the M.M. in Performance or the Professional Performance Certificate should prepare 15 minutes of solo literature representative of their solo repertoire and highest proficiency level, and 3 standard orchestral or band excerpts. Selection of literature should include different stylistic periods. Auditionees should also be prepared to play 2-octave major, harmonic, and melodic minor scales from memory, and to sight read.

Performance techniques and skills appropriate to the graduate level are required. If you have recently played a recital, please bring a CD or DVD with you, if available, to supplement your audition.

Tuba applicants should arrange an audition directly with the instructor. If the instructor requests that the audition occur on one of our undergraduate audition days, please complete the online audition scheduling form. Applicants who wish to be considered for graduate assistantships should schedule auditions/interviews as early as possible.

Instructor: Velvet Brown