The College of Arts and Architecture


Auditionees should prepare selections which represent them at their best. The chosen works should allow students to play in 1) a slow, sustained, lyrical style and 2) a fast, technically demanding style which includes articulated passages.

The selections may be two contrasting movements of the same work or single movements of different works. An etude (such as one of the Rose 32 Studies) is acceptable for one selection only.

Applicants should be prepared to play all major scales in two-octaves and a three-octave chromatic scale. Scales studied beyond these, including minor scales, may be played but are not required. Students will also be asked to sightread.

Prior permission from the professor is required for bass clarinet auditions.

Please feel fee to contact Dr. Costa for suggestions regarding audition repertoire or to schedule  a private lesson. For directions about formally applying to Penn State, please visit Application Process. Once the application has been submitted, please schedule an audition by completing the online scheduling form.

Instructor: Dr. Anthony J. Costa