The College of Arts and Architecture


Auditionees intending to pursue the Bachelor of Music or the Bachelor of Musical Arts degree programs should prepare the following:

  • one movement from a standard concerto
  • one movement of an unaccompanied partita or sonata by J.S. Bach
  • one contrasting work or etude (Kreutzer, Dont, Rode or Gavinies, or a caprice by Wieniawski or Paganini)

Applicants intending to pursue the Bachelor of Music Education or the Bachelor of Arts degrees should prepare approximately ten minutes of music consisting of contrasting pieces (preferably including a concerto movement), etudes, and two- or three-octave scales in various bowings.

For directions about formally applying to Penn State, please visit Application Process. Once the application has been submitted, please schedule an audition by completing the online scheduling form.

Instructor: James Lyon

Instructor: Max Zorin