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Bach’s Lunch - Information for Performers

Bach's Lunch is a School of Music concert series held on selected Thursday afternoons during the semester, and jointly sponsored by the School of Music and the Center for Ethics and Religious Affairs (C.E.R.A.). Concerts begin at 12:10 p.m., are 30-40 minutes in length, and are held in Eisenhower Chapel (or other facility as arranged). The concerts are brief in order to make it possible for the University community to attend during the traditional lunch hour. 

Administrative Contacts

Bach's Lunch Coordinator -A designated School of Music faculty member. Duties for specific concerts may be assigned to a graduate assistant who will coordinate scheduling, policies, and performance logistics.

Fall 2016: Jennifer Trost,

Faculty Sponsor - The School of Music faculty member who requested the performance date, and who will serve as leader, coordinator, and contact person for the student performers (That's YOU!)

C.E.R.A. Contact - Administrative person at the Center for Ethics and Religious Affairs (also known as the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center). Terri Watson, Administrative Assistant, tlw14@psu, 865-6548.

School of Music Contacts -

Stage and keyboard - Greg Herrold,

Calendar and PR - Lynn Drafall,

Programs – Beth Nackley,

Programming is determined by -

- Standing or traditional use such as jury honors and holiday programs

- Effective rotation of a variety of ensembles/studios

- Accommodation of ensemble availability and logistics

- Timely requests by Faculty Sponsors, prioritized in order of receipt

- Remaining dates are assigned by random lottery

The Bach's Lunch Coordinator will -

- Assign and schedule performance dates

- Coordinate communication among the C.E.R.A., School of Music Contacts, and Faculty Sponsors

- Assist with set-up, performance logistics, and tear down

- Reserve the Chapel and room 212 (the green room) early in the semester for the following semester

The Faculty Sponsor, or designated representative, is expected to -

- Assume an active role in all aspects of the performance

- Provide all program, PR, and stage information to the appropriate parties, with a "CC" to the Bach’s Lunch Coordinator, at least 10 days in advance

- Attend the performance

- Arrive at the Chapel (or other venue by arrangement) with programs no later than 11:50 a.m.

- Verify, and assist with, stage set-up

- Announce the beginning and conclusion of the concert

- Remain after the performance to assist with tear down and clean-up

Please be aware that the C.E.R.A. does not provide a stage crew and does not set up the stage for the performers. They provide and deliver chairs/stands to the Chapel stage area. Set-up is handled by the Bach's Lunch Coordinator (or graduate assistant) and Faculty Sponsor (and performers if you instruct them to do so), and it is therefore very important that the Faculty Sponsor arrive early. Stage requirements for venues outside of the C.E.R.A. are handled separately by that venue.

Program, Calendar, and Stage Submissions

- Please submit your program information using a WORD document or email text to Beth Nackely,, with a copy to the Bach's Lunch Coordinator). Beth will put the programs in the Faculty Sponsor’s mailbox.

- Please send your chair, stand, keyboard, stage layout, and any other stage needs to Greg Herrold (, and "CC" to Terri Watson at the C.E.R.A.,

- Please send exact wording of your program title and/or ensemble name to Russell Bloom ( and Beth Nackley ( for the concert planning worksheets and for inclusion in the School calendar listings.


- TIME: The performance starts at 12:10 p.m. and must conclude by 12:50 (conclusion at or around 12:40 is preferable, however). Prior to the concert, please clear the stage (or end rehearsal/warmup) no later than 12 noon.

- ATTIRE: Performers should wear appropriate performance attire, which may be slightly less formal than evening concerts. Jeans, shorts, hats, etc. are not recommended.

- GREEN ROOM and BACKSTAGE: The “Green Room” is the classroom above the back hall of the Chapel, room 212 (at the top of the stairs). Please do not use the small meditation chapel in the backstage area. That will remain in constant use for its intended purpose. The back hallway must be kept clear, but the large corner area by the glass exit doors may be used for storage of personal items. Please keep the back hallway clear.

- KEYS: The green room and piano are scheduled to be unlocked in advance by the C.E.R.A. staff before you arrive. If the piano or green room is locked when you arrive, both keys are available at the main reception desk of the C.E.R.A. See Terri Watson.

- PURPOSE: Please begin the concert by announcing the performers and introducing yourself. Community audiences have consistently remarked that they enjoy meeting the faculty and being introduced to the players and to the music being performed. If there are ways to involve students in these introductions, please do so. And remember that we are also building audiences, so please make it a positive experience for those who choose to spend their lunch hour with us.