The College of Arts and Architecture

Common Hour Guidelines, 2016-17

1. Please complete a performance request form (found outside 233 MBI or 9 MBII). Submit it to Zac Wang's or Helena Beck's drop box (9 MBII).

2. Submit completed forms no later than the Monday prior to the first requested Friday performance date.

3. The contact person and faculty members, as specified on the request form, will be emailed no later than Wednesday of the week of the performance.

4. All information on performance request forms must be completed as accurately and legibly as possible.

5. The contact person is responsible for informing other performers (i.e. collaborative pianists, other peers) that they will be performing.   

6. Absolutely NO requests for performance will be accepted via email.

7. Be on time and ready to perform by 2:20 pm.  Make sure to communicate with stagehands regarding your performance setup.

Questions regarding Common Hour should be addressed to Professor Timothy Hurtz at