The College of Arts and Architecture
  • Oboe with piano accompaniment

Collaborative Pianists, Organists, and Harpsichordists

Collaborative pianists in the State College area are subject to availability, and they set their own rates. This list is provided for your assistance and does not represent an endorsement of the piano area.

Kathy Cinatl, 867-3550

Ann Deighton, 867-0699

Tim Farrand, 570-351-3459,

Shirley Fonda, 238-4758

Akina Kondoh, 814-880-3123,

Eloise Maget,

Svetlana Rodionova, (cell) 814-933-7120,

Cecilia Sakong,

Cagdas Soylar, 626-248-6753,

Yun Tao, 480-577-0368, 

Joanne Yang, 860-970-5591,

For organ and harpsichord information, click here.