The College of Arts and Architecture


Student Concert Support Assistant - Job 66509

Duties will include support for concerts involving multimedia technology. Will require familiarity with presentation technologies such as audio signal flow, mixing board operation, and projector configuration. Student will also perform periodic checks on equipment in the Recital Hall to ensure that it is stored properly, easily and quickly accessed, and ready for use. Student is responsible to report any problems to appropriate faculty and staff. Hours will vary, based on need and availability. Salary: $10/hour.

Esber Recital Hall Stagehands - Job 66384

For this part-time position, preference will be given to Music Performance or Music Education majors within the College of Arts and Architecture. Responsibilities include setting up, stage managing and striking student, faculty and guest recitals at Esber Recital Hall in Music Building I according to written instructions provided by School of Music faculty and staff. Job duties involve some physical labor and occasional lifting. The ability to work with minimal supervision is essential. Esber stagehand positions are casual employment; due to the nature of this type of work, regularly scheduled hours or shifts are not available. Scheduling for work is dependent on employee availability and event needs. Completion of a Penn State employment application is required. Applications will be received on an ongoing basis and reviewed as need arises.