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School of Music Funding and Travel

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Travel Support

Information about requesting professional travel support comes from the Director’s office in the summer, after the school has received its budget for the coming year. Because of the total dollar amount requested each year, the school has not been able to support each trip fully. Preference is given to requests that most directly enhance the visibility of the school, with priority given to tenured and tenure-track faculty. While attendance at conferences is important, priority will be given to faculty who are active participants - those presenting their research, giving performances, etc.

Faculty members approved for School of Music or other University travel support (i.e., at least a portion of the travel expenses to be paid by a University account) should see Lea Ann Bloom to ensure that they follow University policies for direct-pay or reimbursement. If the travel involves an airline ticket, you must do a search and obtain a quote from Travel OnLion. If you purchase your ticket through them, the approved charges can be made directly to the school’s purchasing card (and any remaining balance or personal portion of the flight can be charged to your personal credit card). If you find a cheaper ticket through another source, you may purchase the ticket using the school purchasing card, but you must have the printed quote from Travel OnLion as part of your paperwork that is submitted for your reimbursement. 

For lodging receipts, please be sure to get an itemized receipt that shows a “0” balance. 

Once the travel has occurred, all expenses will be submitted through the Electronic Reimbursement System (ERS). Faculty may do this on their own (going into the ERS system to enter expenses, and submitting receipts to Lea Ann), or they can submit all expenses/receipts to Lea Ann Bloom, and she will enter them for you. Word of warning – each time an action occurs on the reimbursement request  (and there are multiple approvals along the way), you will receive an email. This could mean as many as 4-6 emails, until the final one indicating that the reimbursement has been paid. These reimbursements are directly deposited into the same account as your monthly payroll check.

Enrichment Funding

Information about requesting funds for programmatic enhancement (guest artists and master classes) and/or equipment is sent from the Director’s office, generally at the same time as the travel funding notification. The school has limited endowment support for guest artists, but also supports enrichment activities from our general budget as the financial situation allows. Capital purchases that are not emergencies or otherwise essential often must wait until the close of the fiscal year (June 30) for approval, but it is important to give the Director a heads-up at the beginning of the fiscal year regarding any equipment/instrument considered for purchase.

Faculty members should read the University Scholar Agreement Instructions and then complete the University Scholar Agreement for guest events funded by the School. Once funding is secured, the form must be completed by the faculty member and sent to the visiting scholar for their review and completion of their personal information. Please return the completed form to Lea Ann Bloom (as an email attachment or hard copy) at least 3-4 weeks prior to the event, but preferably as soon as funding is approved. This will help to ensure that the paperwork is completed on time and that honoraria checks can be ready for the guests when they arrive on campus. To avoid misunderstandings with guests relative to compensation, and as a way to confirm that funds provided by the School are being used, it is recommended that the form be completed as soon as the details of the residency are known. Guests must also complete the Non-Employee Information Form for tax purposes, and international visitors must provide the documentation requested on the form when they arrive on campus.

Projects that benefit students may also receive student fee support through the University Park Allocation Committee (UPAC). See their website for further information regarding application procedures.

Wireless Access for Guests

If a visiting scholar or guest requires internet access, it is easiest for them to use one of our technology classrooms if possible (100, 115, 117 Music I). These classrooms are already connected and you simply need to log in with your own user ID and password. If you have a guest who needs wireless access in another space, the best way is to get an ATT wireless account card (see Lea Ann Bloom), which can be purchased for this purpose. The instructions for creating a temporary account are on the card. This is a far easier alternative than creating a guest account through ITS. If the guest will be in residence for several days, however, a guest account might be possible, although it takes time and red tape to create.

Departmental Purchasing Cards

If you have been approved to make a purchase (i.e., music, airline tickets, equipment), see Lea Ann Bloom to charge that expenditure to one of the departmental purchasing cards. When you have made a purchase with one of the cards, you must send her the name of the vendor and the approximate date of the purchase. Please be considerate of her time, since charges that appear without such notification require extra time to track down the paperwork and get the charges resolved.

Group Meals

If you are responsible for paying for a group meal (for example, when a faculty group is entertaining a guest artist), please make sure that you get an itemized receipt. We need to have this to reconcile the charge to the purchasing card, or to reimburse the employee if paid on a personal credit card. The school requests that alcohol be handled separately, since these expenses cannot be charged to the school’s general budget. Please ensure that meals for guest artists have been approved (via a grant, the School’s enrichment funds, etc.) before charging these to the departmental purchasing card.

Field Trips

Any time a faculty member takes a group of students off campus as a part of an official School of Music trip – either for a day trip or longer – field trip paperwork must be completed and submitted.  Generally, any trip that is required as part of a course or is funded by the University (in full or part) is considered a field trip. Completing the paperwork can be very time-consuming (especially for larger groups), so please plan ahead.

Each student needs to complete three forms, one of which needs to be signed by the faculty member. The responsible faculty member also needs to complete a field trip checklist. The checklist should be done at least one month prior to the trip, and six months in advance for international trips. Once the checklist is completed, it is reviewed and signed by the Director, and then forwarded to the Financial Office for final approval. The checklist requires the name of the emergency contact on campus – someone who has agreed in advance to be listed - and that person should be given all of the paperwork that the students complete in case of an emergency. Once the trip has occurred, all of the paperwork can be returned to Lea Ann for her records. The primary reason for this paperwork is (1) so the faculty sponsor knows what to do in the event of an emergency; and (2) so that students have a clear understanding of their obligations and have provided appropriate medical information. Field trip policies and forms are available on the college website.

Business Cards

The School of Music does not purchase business cards for faculty members, but faculty can visit the University Print Portal and click on the Online Stationary link to order inexpensive business cards with University logos.