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How to Apply - Wind Ensemble

Your Audition Video

  1. Be sure to review the instructions on the "How to Apply" page before continuing here.
  2. Perform two contrasting pieces (solos or etudes) with OR without accompaniment.
  3. The TOTAL time of your video (including both selections) should be approximately eight minutes in length.
  4. Percussionists should submit audition videos of themselves performing on two or three of the following: snare drum, timpani, and mallet percussion.
  5. Please position the camera to give the best representation of your sound and so that your embouchure, instrument position, and hand position can be seen, if possible.
  6. Please CLEARLY state your name and the titles/composers of the pieces/etudes you are going to perform BEFORE YOU PLAY.
  7. After you have uploaded your video to YouTube fill out the form below.
(street address, city, state, zip code)
(e.g., junior, senior)
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