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Behind every gift to the School of Music, there's a story...

Nothing we do to improve the quality of a Penn State education will matter if students and families can’t afford the opportunities we offer. With your help, we can ensure that the School of Music's offerings remain accessible for students whose means may be limited, but whose talents and ambitions are limitless.

Scholarships are our highest priority.

There is no better way to see the potential impact of your gift to our scholarship fund than through the stories of the students.The support of generous donors has made it possible for these current School of Music students to pursue their musical passions, both inside and outside the classroom. Read their stories here.

Other Opportunities for Giving

We often hear from our former students that their experiences in the School of Music are some of the most precious memories they carry away from Penn State. The close relationships with faculty, the camaraderie that develops through ensemble participation, the excitement of discovery through study with outstanding faculty scholar, artist, and teachers - these experiences change their lives. 

Help us continue to make lasting memories for our students with your gift. Please consider the list of scholarships and endowments below, and decide how you can assist our current and future students to "raise the song."

School of Music Scholarships and Awards

School of Music General Endowments

To make a gift to one of these awards or endowments, please call 1-888-800-9163, or visit Click the check box to view giving opportunities, and then select "other." Type the name of the endowment to which you would like to contribute on the “Additional Information” line.

Interested in discussing your gifts to the School of Music or creating a musical legacy at Penn State through your estate plans? Contact Don Lenze, Director of Development in the College of Arts and Architecture, at 814-863-1824 ( or David Frego, Director of the School of Music, at 814-863-4421 ( for additional information.

Please click here for information regarding gifts to Penn's Woods Music Festival.