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Today’s Date: ___________________

Student’s Name: _________________________________________________

Student’s ID Number:_________________  Email address:_______________________

Local or Cell Phone Number:_________________________________

Circle one:   Master’s degree student       Doctoral degree student

Major:  _________________________________________________

Circle one:  Music 496    /     Music 596    /    Music 896 (doctoral students only)

Circle one:  Applying for Independent Study Credits:   1   /   2   /   3

Circle one: Fall semester/Spring Semester/Summer Session         Academic Year: ______

Name of Faculty Adviser:_________________________________________________

Name of Faculty Sponsor:_________________________________________________
(faculty member with whom you’ll do independent study work)


  • This form should be used to secure authorization to register for an independent study and must be completed and approved prior to registration.  The form will be retained as part of the student’s academic record.
  • Prepare a written proposal for your independent study and discuss it with both your faculty adviser and with your faculty sponsor.  The proposal should contain a clear statement of the topic to be investigated, the objectives of the study, the method by which the objectives will be fulfilled, and the precise means of evaluation.  A completed proposal will normally be one or more typewritten pages in length, and will include a syllabus outline and, where appropriate, a bibliography of sources to be studied.  Attach the approved proposal to this form and secure the proper signatures listed on the second page of this form.
  • Independent studies offer students opportunities to extend their classroom work and to enrich their curriculum with supervised study of topics not normally covered by courses.  Ideally, the topic selected for independent work is one to which the student has already been exposed in regular courses or with which the student is already modestly familiar.  For this reason, independent studies may not be used for topics covered by existing courses.  When a course (topic) is not offered during an academic year, this restriction may occasionally be waived by the director of the School of Music.
  • The curricula of all music degree programs are established by the faculty of the School of Music and are precisely described.  For this reason, independent studies may not be taken to fulfill degree requirements except as electives.  This restriction may occasionally be waived by the director of the School of Music.
  • Music graduate students may not enroll in more than 3 credits of independent study during the same semester.
  • A maximum of 9 credits of independent study may be applied toward a graduate degree in music.






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Signature of Student                                                                  Date

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Signature of Faculty Adviser                                                        Date

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Signature of Faculty Sponsor                                                       Date

_________________________________________________       _______________
Signature of Associate Director                                                    Date Approved
Professor Marica Tacconi