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B.A. in Music – M.A. in Music (with tracks in Musicology, Music Theory, or Music Theory and History)

B.M. in Performance – M.A. in Music (with tracks in Musicology, Music Theory, or Music Theory and History)

The School of Music offers an Integrated Undergraduate-Graduate degree program that combines the B.A. in Music or the B.M. in Performance with the M.A. in Music. This enables a select number of academically superior students to further their research interests in music (with tracks in musicology, music theory, or music theory and history) at the undergraduate and graduate levels. By the end of the five-year program students receive two degrees, a Bachelor’s and a Master’s.

Candidates for this Integrated Undergraduate-Graduate degree must demonstrate a high level of aptitude and achievement in academic core courses (i.e. offerings in music theory and music history) and be highly motivated to pursue research projects with musicology and/or music theory faculty.

Modeled after a similar program in the Schreyer Honors College, this IUG program enables gifted music students to double count credits in two degree programs.  As a result they will have developed a research focus during their fourth and fifth years, which will prepare them for entry into doctoral programs at other institutions.  (Penn State does not offer doctoral programs in musicology or music theory). 

Students interested in an integrated undergraduate-graduate (IUG) degree program should request an IUG Handbook, available from Lisa Stamm, graduate staff assistant, in the School of Music main office, 233 Music Building I.  In addition to the IUG Handbook, students should consult the School of Music Web page at for a complete description of both IUG degree programs.

This page last revised August 2013