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The School of Music is housed in two buildings that contain teaching studios, practice rooms, classrooms, rehearsal rooms, and administrative offices.

The three primary concert halls on campus are Eisenhower Auditorium, which seats about 2,600; Schwab Auditorium, which seats 900; and the Esber Recital Hall in Music Building, which seats 420.


Practice Rooms

1.  Practice rooms and the instruments therein are for the use of students registered for credit courses in music.  Students may reserve practice room time at the beginning of each semester.  Assignments are made on a priority basis by class rank; the number of hours permitted depends on the number of credits enrolled in applied music courses.

2.     BEVERAGES, FOOD, AND SMOKING ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THE PRACTICE FACILITIES.  Students violating this rule will be financially responsible for any resulting damage.  The same applies to any student who defaces the walls or equipment therein.

3.  Amplifiers may not be used in practice rooms.

4.  Valuables should not be left unattended in practice rooms.

Esber Recital Hall (122 Music Building I)

Use of the Esber Recital Hall is restricted and must be scheduled with Beth Nackley, 233 Music Building I.  Students giving degree recitals are entitled to dress rehearsal time in the hall prior to the recital not to exceed 1 1/2 hours. Students who are taking part in informal recitals may practice in the hall, subject to availability.  The Recital Hall is NOT to be used for general rehearsals or practices.

Keys to the piano and the organ may be signed out with permission of the student’s instructor.  See Beth Nackley in the Music Office, 233 Music Building I, for the piano and organ keys.

Beverages, food, and smoking are not permitted in the Esber Recital Hall.  Students who violate this rule will be financially responsible for any resulting damage.

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Technology Rooms (Rooms 15, 17, and 18 Music Building II)

Use of the Mac Lab and technology laboratories is restricted to students enrolled in the appropriate School of Music courses, and who have permission of the course instructor.  No equipment may be removed from the electronic studio unless authorized by the faculty member in charge.


Lockers are available to students in the School of Music on a first-come, first-served basis.  Students must see Irene Kohute, staff assistant, in 234 Music Building I, for a locker.  Lockers are to be used primarily for the storage of instruments.  There may not be room to store textbooks and personal items.


All university instruments and equipment such as music stands, chairs and other university property may not be removed from the buildings without the permission of the director, except for School of Music-sponsored events.  In these cases, adequate investigations should be made to determine if a faculty member or organization would need the equipment.

Students using School of Music-owned instruments on a regular basis must sign for such instruments and are financially responsible for the instrument in case of damage or loss.

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