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Keyboard Use for Performances


Note: Due to Recital Hall construction, many pianos have been moved to other locations. Please contact Greg Herrold for information.

Keys to the concert grand pianos in Esber Recital Hall and 122 Music Building II are located in the piano storage room of Esber Recital Hall. Please return the keys to this room after each use.

Esber Recital Hall

Two Steinway concert grand pianos reside in the hall. The Steinway 5 (logo on the downstage side) is assigned for faculty performances, piano majors, and guest artist recitals. The Steinway 3 is assigned for other events.

Faculty members, piano majors, and guest artists may choose between the two instruments. If requesting the Steinway 3 or both pianos, please email Greg Herrold. Based on the event schedule, the tuning schedule, and consultation with the director, it may not be possible to grant all requests.

Performers can view the piano selection for their performance by looking at the Music Event Planner (MEP).

The weekly piano use calendar is posted each Monday in the backstage area and viewable on the MEP.

Performers should not exchange pianos or move them in and out of the storage room. The instrument scheduled for the event is the one to be used. Stagehands are instructed not to switch the pianos.

Other Spaces

110 Music I: Yamaha CFIII concert grand

122 Music II: Bösendorfer 7, Bösendorfer 9 (The larger piano is used for performances.)

128 Music II: Bösendorfer grand

Recording Studio A: Steinway B grand

Eisenhower Chapel: Bösendorfer grand

Pasquerilla Worship Hall: Mason & Hamlin BB grand


The organs located in Eisenhower Chapel and the Worship Hall are the responsibility of the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center. If requesting these instruments for an upcoming performance, please contact Russell Bloom at


The Dowd harpsichord is owned by the Center for the Performing Arts (CPA) and is stored in 001 Music I. It is assigned for faculty performances, guest artist recitals, and Baroque Ensemble concerts. The school-owned Herz harpsichord is assigned to all other performances. This instrument is housed in Esber Recital Hall. For detailed descriptions of these instruments and a list of approved players, please see the Organ/Harpsichord Fact Sheet.

Moving the Dowd Harpsichord

It is expected that the large majority of performances using a harpsichord will occur in Esber Recital Hall and that the Herz harpsichord will be used. If requested by the specified users above, the Dowd harpsichord may be moved to Esber Recital Hall or Eisenhower Chapel. Neither instrument may be moved off-campus due to insurance limitations.

Moving the Dowd harpsichord to Esber Recital Hall does not require any additional assistants. However, moving the Dowd from its storage area to either Eisenhower Chapel or Music Building II requires a minimum of two people, Greg Herrold and at least one other. Insurance covers University employees (faculty, TAs, staff) and the performers involved in the event if assisting with the harpsichord move.

  • If applied faculty members or guest artists request a harpsichord move, the school covers the costs of a staff person from the CPA to assist. There is a three-hour minimum charge per person.

  • Ensemble conductors requesting a harpsichord move may either assign TAs to assist or use a CPA staff person. In that case, the expenses will be deducted from the ensemble's budget.

  • Double Bass TAs assist in harpsichord moves for Baroque Ensemble events.

  • In the rare cases that students are granted access to the Dowd harpsichord, the student performer should personally assist in the move. If this cannot be arranged and no other University employees are available, the student is responsible for any expenses incurred.

Please contact Greg Herrold to discuss and schedule harpsichord moves.