The College of Arts and Architecture

Beels Dunikoski Grants for Graduate Students

The Center for the Study of Music Learning and Teaching

The "Sarah Beels Dunikoski Memorial Endowment for Graduate Studies in Music Education in the School of Music" was established to support graduate student research in music education in the School of Music in the College of Arts and Architecture, The Pennsylvania State University. The fund was established initially by Leonard K. Dunikoski in memory of his wife, and by Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Beels in memory of their daughter.

Guidelines for Research Support

Graduate students may request support for research expenditures, conference travel, and materials not available through other sources. Requests are accepted twice during the academic year – early in October and January. Letters announcing the call for requests are sent to all current graduate students.

Guidelines for Research Expenditures and Materials

Students may request financial support for research projects. Please provide an itemized budget for all requests. Any items, such as data analysis software, standardized tests, equipment, may be supported but upon completion of the project these items are traditionally housed in the Graduate Center for future student use.

Guidelines for Conference Submissions

Besides assisting with costs associated with the implementation of a study we feel it appropriate to support the presentation of graduate student research as well as graduate student attendance at conferences at which numerous research sessions are included on the program. Therefore, the following guidelines have been established. Your request for funding must include a detailed budget as well as a copy of the research paper acceptance letter. We also recommend that you request funding through the office of the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies in the College of Arts and Architecture and the office of the Director of the School of Music.

1. If you are presenting a paper at an international, national, regional, or state conference you may apply for the following support:

  • conference registration
  • housing costs
  • meals costs (see the Penn State Travel web site for per diem rates)
  • travel (unless we provide transportation for you)
  • materials to prepare a poster or a presentation

2. If you are attending an international, national, or regional conference or symposia you may apply for support for conference registration. In rare cases, we will fund additional expenditures for these events. Funds for state conference registration are not available unless you are presenting a paper.

For further information please contact the staff assistant in the Music Education Office: 814-863-0418