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Undergraduate e-Portfolios

Music Education requires the design and development of electronic portfolios as part of the educational development of its students. The portfolio process is a framework for helping students see the connections between their music, education, and music education coursework. 

Reflecting on practice is an essential skill for teachers. This skill must be developed. The e-portfolio provides a structure for preservice teachers to reflect regularly on their strengths and weakness as they select evidence for their portfolio. It enables them to authentically assess their own progress.

The format below indicates the year by year process designed to help music education students achieve these goals:

1st Year | 2nd Year | 3rd Year | 4th Year

First Year Student - First Year Experience Seminar


Introduce students to:

  • portfolio concept in music education
  • information technology at Penn State
  • basic web publishing skills
Examples of student work:

Second Year Students  - Introduction to Music Education 


Begin the design and development of a Music e-Portfolio.

Examples of student work: Coming Soon

Third Year Students  - Methods and Praticum Classes


Provide opportunity for students to:

  • Collect selections of evidence from experiences in method and practicum courses
  • Development of a personal philosophy of music education for the portfolio.
  • Reflect on teaching and conducting
Examples of student work: Coming Soon

Fourth Year Students  - Emphasis Courses and Student Teaching 


Provide opportunity for students to:

  • collect, select and reflect upon what they have learned at Penn State.
  • provide students with an opportunity to display evidence of their teaching skills in various musical settings.
  • provide students with a means of marketing themselves as music educators with prospective employers.
  • provide students with a strategy of continuing their own reflective professional development after graduation.
Examples of student work:

A few Alumni e-Portfolios