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M.M.E. Students

Program Description

The Master of Music Education degree provides the opportunity for advanced study in music, music learning and teaching, and teaching as reflective practice. The program requires one full-time year of residency at the University Park campus, and is designed to be completed in one academic year plus two summer semesters.

Program and Admission Information

.pdf document Graduate Student handbooks can be found on the School of Music's web site or contact for more information.

Current Students:

James Eldreth -  Improvisation and the Integration of Jazz Pedagogy in Elementary General Music

Timothy Grant - The Effects of the Implentation of Contemporary Music on Student Knowledge, Participation and Engagement

Julie Renne - Applications for SmartMusic in Secondary Orchestral Settings

Recent Graduates:

Research papers listed below can be found on ScholarSphere.

Laura Leblanc, MME '15 - Exploring the Use of Individual Electronic Devices During Ensemble Rehearsals

Rachel Kauffman, MME '14 - Student and Teacher Perspectives on Instrument Selection

Sally Minnich, MME '14 - The Effect of Improvisation on the Transfer of Technique

Mara Culp, MME '13 - The Use of Musical Techniques to Improve Phonological Processes

Lindsay Fulcher, MME '13 - Online Musical Collaboration for High School String Students

Yo-jung Han, MME '13 - The Integrated Arts Experience in Music Class

Kristofer Kimmel, MME '13

Gretchen Lee, MME '13 - Student-Generated Concerts: What Do They Show Us?

Johanna Steinbacher, MME '13 - The Effects of Melodic Contour on Rhythm Pattern Identification Among Beginning Band Students

Matthew Alosi, MME '12 - Motivation for Participation in Collegiate Marching Band

Chianyi Ang, MME '12

Christina Black, MME '12 - Creative Thinking in a General Music Classroom: Process, Meaning, and Collaboration Among Second Graders

Rachel Rineer, MME '12 - A Profile of Music Education Programs in Christian Schools of the Mid-Atlantic Region

Scott Sheehan, MME '12 - The Relationship Between Pennsylvania High School Band Directors' Backgrounds and Their Perceptions of Quality Repertoire

Natalie Andreoli, MME '10 - Decoding the Music Language: The Key Ingredient for an Independent Musician

Amy Finnerty, MME '10

Tzu-Yi Lee, MME '10 - How Do Young Children Respond to Music in an Informal Setting Music Class

Angela Mouer, MME '10

Stephen Switala, MME '10

Jessica Weimer, MME '10 - An Exploration of an Experienced Inservice Music Educator's Attitude Toward Teaching Special Learners

Charles Weise, MME '10 - An Examination of the Relationship Between School Administrators and Music Teachers