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Summer 2017 Online Courses

MU ED 541: Developing Music Curricula

TBD – Online (2 graduate credits)

This course will focus on a process for developing music curricula that incorporates current theories, practices, materials, and research findings.  The course is very project based and students will work in virtual teams to prepare a music curriculum.  Each student will then individually design a planned instruction that addresses the nature of the students they anticipate teaching and the musical goals they have for those students.

MU ED 546: Assessment of Music Learning (Dr. Linda Thornton)

TBD – Online (2 graduate credits)

In this age of accountability and standards based curriculum design, the role of assessment is critical to music educators. Beyond that, good teaching is guided by information about student needs and progress. The goal of this course is to examine principles and approaches to assessment, as well as develop techniques, strategies and materials for assessment of student music learning.

Registration Information:

You will need to complete the online "Graduate Admission Application."  Penn State charges a $30 application (non-refundable) fee for non-degree applications, which is non-refundable ( On the first page of the web site select "Apply Now or Continue Application in Process."

Select one of the choices on the next screen and proceed in completing the application for graduate non-degree status. Once you submit the online application, the Graduate Enrollment Services Office will let you know when you've been approved as a graduate non-degree student for summer at the University Park campus. You can then register for either class (MUED 541; MUED 546) through the eLion web site ( The Penn State registration process is not complete until tuition and fees are paid.

Although these courses satisfy requirements for our one-year resident Masters in Music Education (M.M.E.) program, you need not be enrolled in the degree program to take them. However, should you later decide to enroll in the M.M.E., these courses would count toward your degree at Penn State. More information about these courses and all graduate Music Education programs can be found at: Music Education


Choral Immersion Day - South African Choral Music - Summer 2011
The Witz University Choir Johannesburg, South Africa
Essence of Joy, Penn State
Dalene Hoogenhout, conductor, will present a workshop on South African choral music. Repertoire for the session will be for SATB choirs from high school through adult. The Wilts University Choir will participate in the choral workshop that will involve rehearsal strategies and performance practices in diction and movement.
An evening concert will feature Essence of Joy and the Wilts University Choir.

A World of Possibilities: Teaching Music from a Global Perspective - Summer 2010

Music from a global perspective comes alive for all ensemble directors and classroom teachers through this hands-on music teaching workshop. Participants will perform, explore, and dialogue for a deeper understanding of musical practices from around the globe. Through multiple experiences ranging from in-depth discussion to rehearsals and music making attendees will begin to develop a framework for student-centered experiences in multicultural and world musics. This workshop offers music educators unique opportunities in choral, general, and instrumental music.

Participants will explore the world of music through:
• Daily seminars with keynote speaker Mr. Nick Page a world renowned song leader and director of the Mystic Chorale of Boston, Massachusetts
• Rehearsals and workshops with Dr. Tony Leach, the director of the Essence of Joy, including a special performance with Essence of Joy at the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the ArtsTM
• World music lesson planning with Dr. Atesh Soneborn, the associate director of Smithsonian Global Sound© , including guided attendance of performances at the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts (TM) and Certification in the Teaching of World Music from the Smithsonian Institution
• Daily mini-workshops on various themes including in-depth cultural experiences, song writing and arranging, early childhood music experiences, reading sessions, drumming, and much more!