The College of Arts and Architecture

National Band Association

The National Band Association is a registered student organization open to any student interesting in learning more about teaching band and band education. The group also attends the prestigious Midwest Clinic every December.

As outlined in our constitution, our purpose is as follows:

  • To promote the excellence of band throughout the state.
  • To encourage the composition and performance of quality music for bands.
  • To assist people who are interested and/or involved, in any capacity and at any level, in the band movement.
  • To promote pride and enthusiasm in the band movement.
  • To encourage interested students to pursue careers in music.
  • To promote a spirit of cooperation and dialogue among university students, band directors, performers, representatives of the music industry, and all other supporters of the band movement.
  • To provide opportunities for university students to collaborate, network, and build relationships with professionals in the band movement.