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Professor Publishes Music Technology Text with Oxford University Press

Mark Ballora

Professor Mark Ballora has published a new book with Oxford University Press. Designed for introductory courses in electronic music and multimedia, Digital Audio and Acoustics for the Creative Arts presBook cover of Digital Audio and Acoustics for the Creative Artsents the fundamental concepts of musical acoustics, psychoacoustics, electronics, digital audio, audio recording, and communication among devices via the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) and Open Sound Control (OSC).

The textbook includes:

  • a thorough introduction to acoustics and the evolution of digital audio recording;
  • key concepts that underlie all audio programs to help students cultivate an understanding of sound production principles;
  • practical exercises and hands-on examples of student work, complementing the text's technical discussion; and
  • a free, open-access Companion Website with exercises, links to sample programs, and additional resources.

One reviewer remarked "the material is informative and precise, especially for the non-tech-savvy musicians who are enrolled in a course for introductory acoustics and recording technology."  Another said "Digital Audio and Acoustics for the Creative Arts is well-written and covers all the main areas my students need: acoustics, MIDI, digital audio."

For more information, please visit the Oxford University Press website.