The College of Arts and Architecture

Flute Study

Students may study flute at either the WWNDS 100J or 110J level. WWNDS 100J is a one-credit course ($175) that requires one half-hour lesson each week. WWNDS 110J is a two-credit course ($250) that includes a one-hour lesson per week. These lessons are typically taught by graduate teaching assistants.

There are always more requests for lessons than can be accommodated. A list of those who have expressed an interest is maintained. Contact Prof. Seidman immediately as the semester begins to determine if you are eligible for enrollment.

Priority for lessons is given first to music-majors who are studying flute as a secondary instrument, second to non-majors participating in School of Music ensembles, third to highly qualified non-major applicants.


Please contact Naomi Seidman at or 814-865-0175.