The College of Arts and Architecture

PPC Application and Approval Process

school logoPLEASE NOTE: PPC participants are NOT STUDENTS. They cannot and should not try to register for lessons, ensembles or any classes in LionPath. They cannot be found in LionPath or the registrar's office since they are not students.

1. Students complete the online application form found here. The application asks for name, contact information, references, etc.

2. The application goes directly to Lacy Miller, who starts a file and replies to the applicant, copying the PPC chair (Tim Deighton) and the appropriate applied faculty member. The reply to the applicant contains the following:

  • whom to contact to arrange an audition or DVD audition;
  • whom to contact to schedule a phone/Skype interview if not able to audition in person;
  • where to send copies of diplomas/transcripts.

If a particular studio area is not planning to accept students in the PPC program in any given year, Lacy should be notified as soon as possible so she can respond appropriately to these applicants.

3. Faculty members review the application materials, including contacting the references listed on the application, and schedule auditions (or view DVDs). The audition/DVD review would normally be conducted by the same faculty member/group which hears other auditions. 

4. Students for whom English is not their native language must be interviewed by the appropriate faculty member(s) via phone or Skype. It is essential that the student has sufficient English skills to function effectively in the PPC program.

5. Following this review, if an applied faculty/area is recommending admission, a meeting should be scheduled with the Director (primarily to discuss the impact on applied loads and credit hour production). For this meeting, prepare a list of proposed duties for each applicant, keeping in mind that the full-time work/study load for students in this program is a minimum of 40 hours/week (required to document that this program is "full-time" work). Please see the PPC Goals and Requirements for specific information.

This would normally include approximately ten contact hours of instruction with faculty (lessons, studio classes, and directed ensembles, opera, chamber music or other collaborative experiences) plus at least thirty hours of individual practice and preparation.

6. The Director will indicate his approval (signature/date on PPC Approval Form) and will forward the file to Lacy who prepares a letter of admission (under the Director's signature) including a description of duties, a URL for payment via credit card, arrival information, etc. Beth also prepares notification letters for students who are not accepted into the program. Beth should also be notified if an applicant declines attendance to the faculty member.

7. Payment of the PPC fee by the Friday before classes start in the fall will signify final acceptance into the program.

Please review all the information here if you are considering accepting students into this program. The approximate costs to domestic students is $2,000 and $2,500 for international students (minus any scholarship offered).

Domestic students are strongly encouraged to have health insurance. International students are required to enroll in the Penn State insurance plan and must show evidence of ability to afford living expenses for fall and spring semesters. The deadline for applications for international students is April 15th. The deadline for domestic students is June 15th.