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Faculty Activity Report Directions

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Faculty Activity Reports are due the first Monday in February (for post-tenure reviews), and the Monday after spring break for all others. Faculty who have already school logosubmitted materials for a 2, 4, 6-year, or promotion review do not submit an annual activity report for the current year.

Reports should include information from June 1 to May 30 for the current year, plus any prior spring activities that were accomplished after the submission of your last dossier or activity report. The Faculty Activity Report template was revised several years ago to follow more closely the rainbow sheet organization (for P&T dossiers). Please use this format or the Digital Measures online format. Here are some suggestions:


Lea Ann will provide a spreadsheet with summary SRTE data for each faculty member (including overall course and instructor questions), thus you do not need to include SRTE data in your Activity Reports. One common error many faculty make in these listings is that serving on recital or dissertation committees is teaching (not service). To provide consistency across the School and to help reviewers understand music faculty workloads, please use the following examples as a model for listing teaching loads in dossiers and annual faculty activity reports. 

Fall 2012

Course                         Title                                                            Credits           Enrollment

MUS xxx                    course title                                                       x                      xx

MUS xxx                    course title                                                       x                      xx


See below

Applied Music (total enrollment of studio majors)2                                                         10

See below                                                                                          3                     2

Other Courses (recitals, dissertations, papers, internships, independent study, etc.)

MUS xxx                 course title                                                          x                      x

1 Any ensemble that enrolls undergraduate and graduate students under two different course numbers but that functions as one ensemble (meeting together) should be listed together, with enrollments reported as follows (UG enrollment/G enrollment). If a faculty member teaches more than one ensemble listed under the same course number, please listed each ensemble separately (with notes that might be helpful in understanding the assignment). For example:

MUS 76/508                 Chamber Orchestra                                             1                    8/20

MUS190/520                Chamber Music for Strings (string quartet)            1                    3/1

MUS190/520                Chamber Music for Strings (piano quartet)             1                    2/2

2 For applied music, please list the total applied enrollments followed by the breakdown of that enrollment by course number as in the following example.

Applied Music (total studio enrollment)                                                                           15

BRASS xxxJ              horn, performance, level 1                                  3                         2

BRASS xxxJ              horn, primary, level 2                                         2                         3

BRASS xxxJ              horn, performance, level 3                                  3                         3

BRASS xxxJ              horn, primary, level 4                                         2                         2

BRASS xxxJ              horn, performance, graduate                               4                        2

BRASS xxxJ              horn, non-major                                                 1                       2

BRASS xxxJ              horn, non-major                                                 2                       1

Scholarship/Creative Activities

(1) List most recent activities first. (2) If you have a lot of activities under the same bullet point, you may create subheadings to highlight the most important entries. (3) For work that was done this year but not yet in print, use the categories “submitted, forthcoming, or accepted” to indicate where they are in the publication process. (4) Include page numbers or word count for article citations. (5) Delete categories from the sample outline if they do not apply. (6) If it is not clear where to list something, use your best judgment. Also see Dossier Preparation Guidelines on the School’s website for additional information.


(1) Entries should be in chronological order from earliest to most recent. (2) While this always seems confusing, your membership in a professional organization is listed under “Research/Creative Activities” in the dossier, while your actual contributions, such as holding an office or organizing a conference, are listed under “Service.” For service activities, it is often helpful to indicate the impact or extent of that service – particularly for things outside the school.

Deadline for Activity Reports

It works best for Dr. Haug to schedule the individual meetings throughout spring semester (one or two a day) to finish by the college deadline. Activity Reports are due immediately after spring break unless you have requested an extension and scheduled your activity report meeting for later in the spring. In that case, reports are due one week prior to the meeting. Obviously, she won’t get to every report immediately following the deadlines, so if anyone needs an extension, all you have to do is ask. Thanks.