The College of Arts and Architecture

1. Forward and Mission Statement

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This Governance Document was initially developed by the School of Music Faculty Advisory Council and was conceived as an evolving resource for faculty in the School of Music. The goal was to provide a compendium of descriptions, policies, and procedures under which the School of Music operates. In all instances, University and College of Arts and Architecture documents supersede statements offered here, and faculty members are urged to familiarize themselves with these more authoritative publications. The director and Faculty Advisory Council with the input from faculty should take responsibility to ensure that this document is a continuing and relevant source for information about the workings of the School of Music.

Along with this governance document, faculty should also have a copy of the most recent version of the school’s Strategic Plan. Colleagues should also be aware of other resources throughout the college and the University:

University Faculty Handbook

University Handbook for Part-Time Faculty (pdf)

College of Arts and Architecture Faculty/Staff Information

College of Arts and Architecture Promotion and Tenure Guidelines (pdf)

Promotion and Tenure Procedures & Guidelines (HR23)

Administrative Guidelines for HR23: Promotion and Tenure Procedures and Guidelines (pdf)

University Faculty Senate

Mission of the School of Music

The mission of the School of Music is to inspire and educate performers, scholars, and teachers in an atmosphere that fosters excellence and serves the global and regional community through performance, research, and creative work of the highest standards.