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Instructional Programs: Grade Submission

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Secure ID tokens

In order to submit final grades, faculty must have a secure ID token. See Kim Miller to be issued a token. For tenured, tenure-track, and fixed-term multi-year instructors, one ID token will be permanently assigned for use so long as they remain at Penn State. Upon termination, the token must be returned to Kim. For part-time instructors, an ID token will be assigned  according to the period of appointment, either one semester or one year.  At the end of that period, the token must be returned to Kim.

ID tokens will be distributed prior to the first day of class to graduate students who need to access class lists, process Early Progress Reports, and submit grades.  

Lost or stolen tokens should be reported immediately to Kim. As the tokens are University property, a fee will be assessed for lost or stolen tokens (to cover the cost to the school for replacement).


Grades may be recorded from any computer with internet connection. No special hardware or software is needed.

Record grades on the eLion system. This is available to course instructors of record and can be used to:

  • enter mid-semester grades and semester grades
  • correct an error after the grade has been entered
  • assign a grade after the semester’s grade reporting period has ended
  • change a deferred grade to a quality grade after the semester’s grade reporting period has ended

Grade changes are available up to one year from the end of the semester the course was taken.

To enter a grade through eLion Grade Submission, go to elion.psu. Then:

  • choose “Faculty”
  • enter your access account (email) and user ID (email password)
  • select "Grade Entry" from the left-side menu
  • enter access account and user ID information again
  • enter the secure ID number from your token
  • enter grades and then select "submit grades" at the bottom when completed)
  • click on “review grades” to verify that your grades have been posted

Note: It is important to click "submit" twice if there is more than one instructor, or if all grades are not entered.

Deferred Grades

If a student is prevented from completing a course within the prescribed amount of time, it is possible to defer the grade to be entered at a later date (Faculty Senate policy 48-40). Approval needs to be granted prior to the beginning of the final exam period of the semester in which the course is taken. Approval for a deferred grade must be provided by the instructor of the course, and a “DF” symbol will be entered on the student’s transcript in place of a grade. Contact Kim regarding the procedures for deferring grades for undergraduates, or Lisa regarding graduate students.

Research Grades

Research grades (R) may be provided for Music 594 (master’s paper or lecture-recital), Music 600 (master’s thesis), and in specifically designated variable-credit courses in which it is expected that students register for more than one semester. In these cases, the instructor may report the symbol R in place of a grade. This indicates that the student has devoted an adequate amount of time and effort to the work, but gives no indication of its quality. Upon completion of the work, the instructor reports an appropriate grade that applies to all prior credits, and that grade will replace the R symbol(s) on the transcript. See Lisa for more information.