The College of Arts and Architecture

Percussion Ensemble I and Mallet Ensemble

Penn State percussion studio members
Monday, April 16, 2018 - 7:30pm
128 Music Building II

Free Admission

The Penn State Percussion Ensemble I and Mallet Ensemble perform their final concerts of the 2017-18 school year. The program includes an arrangement by Bryon Maddas, a 1997 graduate of the Penn State percussion studio and now a band director in Las Vegas, NV, and Ivan Trevin's "Shared Space," composed in 2015. The ensembles are led by Penn State percussion professor Dan C. Armstrong.


Entrance of the Gladiators (Thunder and Blazes March) ♦ Julius Fučík, arranged by Bryon Maddas

A Man With a Gun Lives Here ♦ Steve Snowden

  • Be Prepared to Defend Yourself
  • A Man With a Gun Lives Here                                              

Shared Space (2015) ♦ Ivan Trevino

Nimbus ♦ Philip Carlsen

Second Construction in Metal ♦ John Cage (rehearsed by Stephen Fleming)

Gainsborough ♦ Tom Gauger (with Cody Gemmell, vibraphone)

  • Moderately
  • Slow, hesitant
  • Presto

Percussion Ensemble I performs a variety of music written for four to twelve players, including contemporary music written for percussion as well as arrangements. Instrumentation includes all types of percussion, from familiar drums and cymbals to exotic items from around the world. Through participation, students learn the art of ensemble performing and augment their understanding of the role of percussion within the discipline of music. They also learn the skills of organization and cooperation through rehearsal and performance. The ensembles have appeared frequently at meetings of the Music Educators National Conference and the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association. Enrollment is by audition with the conductor.

The Mallet Ensemble performs music either written for or arranged for mallet-played keyboard percussion instruments and consists of three to eight players. Literature ranges from transcribed orchestral and chamber music to contemporary compositions written specifically for mallet ensemble. Enrollment is by audition with the conductor.