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Recital and Concert Planner

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school logoThe Penn State School of Music is committed to presenting high-quality concerts and recitals by faculty members, students, and guests. These guidelines have been adopted to address the needs of performers. General scheduling policies can be found at the end of this document.

1. Schedule the Performance  

Contact: Beth Nackley, 233 Music I,

All faculty and student scheduling forms must be submitted by hard copy to ensure accurate recordkeeping.

Student performers may request a date, time, and venue by completing the green form and submitting it to Beth at least four weeks prior to the event. Faculty members should complete the pink form. These forms are located inside the door of 233 Music I.

Forms must be completed for performances in ALL venues, including non-school venues (i.e. Eisenhower Chapel, UBBC), so that they can be entered into the Concert Calendar.

Student recitals not required for a degree or certificate program may not be scheduled in Recital Hall. 

Prior to requesting a date, please check the Concert Calendar to discover potential conflicts. The Music Event Planner (MEP) is another important resource to check prior to scheduling (available to faculty and staff only - login instructions can be found here). In addition, students should also check their ensemble rehearsal and performance schedules, as well as consult with their applied instructors, to ensure that conflicts are avoided.

Beth will confirm dates/times via email within three days. At that time, she will also assign a Green Room. The typical Green Room assignment is 115 MBI. If there is an exception due to other scheduling concerns, performers will be notified.

Student performers preparing degree recitals should be registered for the correct course number, and should make sure that the applied instructor and committee members are available on the date requested. Dates and times may not be traded, changed, or cancelled without consultation with the applied instructor and Beth.

Once approved, electronic prompts either requesting or confirming information regarding the concert or recital will be emailed by the Music Event Planner (MEP). This information will NOT be forwarded to other campus venues.

If a performance must be cancelled, inform Beth and the applied instructor (if applicable) immediately. The change will then be made to the Concert Calendar.

Performers cancelling concerts in school venues within 72 hours of the event are responsible for all associated fees (i.e. stagehands, technology). For events in other venues, performers are responsible for the facility charges required by the venue.

In case of cancellation, a new performance date/time during the same semester cannot be guaranteed.

*Recording Studio A is to be scheduled for all non-public recording projects. Please see Recording Studios and Recording Studio Access Policies for information regarding scheduling availability. In cases where the recording studio may be inappropriate, Esber Recital Hall may be scheduled as time permits.

2. Schedule the Rehearsals

Contact: Beth Nackley, 233 Music I,

Rehearsal times are scheduled separately in all school venues, and times are based on availability.

Piano majors may schedule up to three hours of rehearsal, inclusive of the dress rehearsal. These three hours may be split into a maximum of two rehearsals.

Non-piano majors may schedule up to two hours of rehearsal, inclusive of the dress rehearsal. These hours may not be split.

Performers are responsible for obtaining venue keys for rehearsals from Beth (available Monday-Friday, 8:00-5:00). These keys MUST be returned within 24 hours. There is a $20.00 charge for lost keys.

Stagehands are not provided for rehearsals.

Plan rehearsals to finish early so that the stage area is cleared, lights are turned off, and all doors are locked by the end of the scheduled time.

On the day of the event, Recital Hall is available to the performer(s) one hour prior to the performance. Performers MUST clear the stage 15 minutes prior to the start of the performance. Once the house is open, performers may continue to warm up in the designated Green Room.

3. Create and Submit Publicity Information

Once faculty, student, and guest events are scheduled, the basic information is posted to the Concert Calendar. Student performances listed on the calendar will only include basic information (type of recital, date, time, and location).

Faculty, please submit more detailed additional information about your performance at least six weeks prior to the performance. Program information (as complete as possible) can and should be added. If concerned that the repertoire may change, consider submitting a sentence i.e. "The program will include works by xxx, xxx, and xxx."

The Concert Calendar is used as the source of ALL information for the College of Arts and Architecture Newsline, for the featured performances on the school website, for online calendar submissions, and for the weekly subscription email announcements, so it is important that the information is complete and accurate.

Performers are encouraged to create posters that can be placed throughout the University and community. Duplicated at the performer's expense, posters may be placed on any general purpose bulletin boards as well as faculty bulletin boards with permission. Please avoid placing posters on glass or painted walls on University property, as they will be removed by the maintenance staff.

The Recital Hall lobby and second-floor lobby computerized event displays are derived from a series of PowerPoint slides. These slides are also shared on the screens at the Borland Building and at the HUB. The school designs these slides for all faculty and ensemble performances.

Faculty, ensemble, and guest events are uploaded to the online calendars of WPSU,, and the Centre County Visitor's Bureau Note: In order to receive on-air promotion of an event on WPSU, the listing must include repertoire and be submitted at least six weeks in advance. WPSU Community Calendar items cannot be edited after they are entered.

"This Week in the School of Music" includes all student, faculty, and guest concerts, recitals, lectures, and masterclasses. It is emailed to over 3,000 subscribers each week during the school year. Ticketed events receive priority in the announcement. The information for the weekly event listing is drawn from the Concert Calendar.

The School of Music posts all faculty recitals, ensemble concerts, and selected guest recitals and masterclasses on our School of Music facebook page.

Student performers should create their own events on Facebook and invite “Penn State School of Music" to the event OR post it directly to the school's page so that it can be seen by our over 2,000 “likes.”

Click here for the current advertising overview.

4. Request Use of Keyboards and/or Other School Instruments

Contact: Greg Herrold, 004 Music I,

Note: Due to Recital Hall construction, many pianos have been moved to other locations. Please contact Greg Herrold for information.

Pianos for events in Recital Hall are assigned following the school's Keyboard Use for Performances. There are two pianos available. Students requesting a different piano assignment should forward their requests through their applied instructors to Greg Herrold. The piano chosen for performance will be noted in the recital confirmation email.

There are two concert grand pianos available in 122 Music Building II; a Bösendorfer 7 and a Bösendorfer 9. The Bösendorfer 9 is used for public performances in that venue.

Keys to the concert grand pianos in Recital Hall and 122 Music Building II are located in the piano storage room of Recital Hall, and are to be returned after each use.

Please submit the Organ/Harpsichord Request Form if either instrument is required. Requests should be made at least four weeks in advance, and use is limited to the approved list of players found on the Organ/Harpsichord Fact Sheet. If using a player not on the list, contact Mark Ferraguto. Note: Different policies exist for the use of the organs in the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center.

Other school-owned instruments (i.e. harp, percussion) may be used only with the permission and approval of the appropriate faculty member.

5. Decide Equipment, Set-Up, and Stage Plan(s)

Contact: Russell Bloom, 107 Music I,

Blank stage diagram forms for recitals occurring in Recital Hall are available in the backstage area. Complete a form for each set-up (if changes) and give the forms to your stagehand prior to the performance. If your recital is using any sort of technology for the performance, please contact Russell Bloom at least two weeks prior to the event. Performers will then be contacted to schedule a production meeting.

Please be reminded that stagehands are not present for rehearsals. If you require technology support for your dress rehearsal, please arrange that during your production meeting.

A few (+/-30) black chairs and (+/-5) music stands are available backstage in Recital Hall. It is the performer's responsibility to provide any other required equipment (i.e. risers).

The School of Music does not typically provide stage assistance or equipment for school venues other than Recital Hall. However, limited stage assistance (set-up and tear-down) is provided for student degree recitals occurring in 110 Music Building I and 122 Music Building II. Stage diagrams are not required for these venues.

Stagehands are employed by Penn State and are scheduled at least two weeks in advance. Recitals in Recital Hall (or other School of Music venues) that are scheduled less than two weeks in advance will not be assigned a stagehand.

The stagehand will arrive one hour prior to performances occurring in Recital Hall. Performers should discuss the stage plan with the stagehand at that time. The stagehand will open the hall, set the lighting and curtains, prepare the stage, unlock the doors, and also assist with set-up of individual pieces performed (using the stage diagrams the performer provides). Due to insurance issues, non-Penn State employees and non-performers are not allowed to assist.

The stagehand will request that performers clear the stage 15 minutes prior to the start of the event. This is especially important when the performance is to be livestreamed.

If the recital is occurring in a non-school venue, It is the performer's responsiblity to confirm performance details with the chosen venue.

6. Submit Information for Printed Programs

Contact: Beth Nackley, 233 Music I,

Programs are typed and duplicated for all faculty, ensemble, guest artist, and student degree/certificate events.

Programs are typed for all student recitals not required for a degree or certificate program, but the performer is responsible for duplication.

All printed programs use a half-sheet format. Biographies of performers are only included if space is available. Exceptions are conference programs, President's Concert programs, and large-scale events/collaborations.

All performers are responsible for typing and duplicating their program notes, if needed.

Translation sheets (when space is not available on the program) will be typed and duplicated for choral ensembles, voice faculty, guest artist singers, and required student voice recitals. In the case of student voice recitals, a maximum of 30 translations will be duplicated and only the English translation will appear. All other performers are responsible for typing and duplicating their translations, if needed. 

Program information should be submitted as a Word document at least ten working days prior to the performance date (as prompted by the MEP). Please refer to the CRAM Guide (style manual for printed programs) to assist with formatting and proper word usage. Beth will email program drafts to both student performers and their instructors for review.

Final drafts of student recital programs must be approved by the appropriate applied instructor prior to duplication.

Programs for Recital Hall concerts will be placed backstage right and will be available from the stagehand one hour prior to the performance. For other venues, please pick up programs from the office and take them to the venue.

Typically, 45 programs are duplicated for student recitals, and 100 are duplicated for faculty and guest artist recitals. Please speak with Beth if your specific event requires a different quantity.

The School of Music assumes no responsibility for difficulties incurred as a result of late program submissions.

It is the responsibility of the performer to format, type, and duplicate program notes (off-campus) if needed. Program notes are NOT included in printed programs.

7. Arrange to Record the Performance (Optional except for graduate degree recitals.)

Graduate students are required to record their degree recitals. Audio recording of all other performances is optional but encouraged. Performers should make arrangements for their own recordings, and are responsible for paying the associated fees.

For high-quality audio recordings, contact Robert Klotz at or Chris Wahlmark at regarding availability and pricing.

Some students own recording equipment and are willing to record performances for a nominal fee. In addition, students enrolled in the technology course that includes a recording assignment may be contacted.

*Recording Studio A is to be scheduled for all non-public recording projects. Please see Recording Studios and Recording Studio Access Policies for information regarding scheduling availability. In cases where the recording studio may be inappropriate, Esber Recital Hall may be scheduled only in consultation with the director.

8. Livestreaming (Optional)

The School of Music livestreams selected faculty and ensemble performances. Others who wish to have their performances livestreamed should contact Chris Wahlmark at to arrange for livestreaming and to discuss fees. If livestreaming, a link to the livestream will appear on the Concert Calendar listing. 

Each livestreamed performance includes an on-stage microphone so that performers can be heard when speaking to the livestream audience.

9. Plan Reception (Optional)

Performers may hold post-event receptions for their audience and guests in the Recital Hall lobby. Performers or their designated caterers are responsible for set-up and clean-up. Alcoholic beverages and open flames are not permitted.

General Scheduling Policies

Beginning near the end of the spring semester, recitals and concerts for the upcoming school year are scheduled in the following priority:

  • large ensembles (previous spring semester)
  • faculty members and guest artists (previous spring semester)
  • graduate student degree recitals (mid-summer and mid-fall)
  • senior degree and undergraduate performer's certificate recitals (mid-summer and mid-fall)
  • junior degree recitals (fall and spring semesters)
  • non-degree, PPC, and lecture-recitals (fall and spring semesters)

Beginning June 1, non-School of Music events may also be scheduled. Earlier scheduling for these events required the approval of the director.

Typically, performances occur in Recital Hall at the following times:

  • Monday-Friday          5:00 p.m., 7:30 p.m.
  • Saturday-Sunday      11:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m.,  5:00 p.m., 7:30 p.m.

Performances may not be scheduled after the last day of classes in any semester unless approved by the director.


School of Music events are usually scheduled in the following venues:

  • Recital Hall
  • 110  Music Building I
  • 122 Music Building II
  • 128 Music Building II

In some cases, concerts and recitals may also be scheduled in the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center's Eisenhower Chapel or Worship Hall. For faculty events and faculty-led ensembles, please contact Russell Bloom to discover availability and arrange booking. Students should contact Terri Watson (, 865-6548) at the Spiritual Center for information on availability and usage fees. The performer is responsible for all fees.

While recitals in the School of Music and/or campus venues are preferred, alternate recital locations i.e. University Baptist and Brethren Church may be scheduled. Please see the UBBC's recital policies for further information. Students choosing this option must have the approval of their applied instructors.

Either the pink scheduling request form (faculty) or the green scheduling form (students) must be submitted to Beth regardless of venue.

*This document was presented at the faculty meeting 1/16/06 and approved 2/17/06. It was most recently updated 5/1/18.