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Recorded Audition vs. Live Audition - Graduate Piano

The piano faculty at Penn State prefers a live audition because they believe in the value of face-to-face contact as well as live music-making. Graduate applicants should plan to audition in person unless the applicant lives beyond 500 miles from campus.

The piano faculty will accept a video audition (YouTube links or DVD) in place of a live audition for international applicants and applicants who cannot travel to Penn State due to financial hardship. Please submit a recording only after receiving prior permission from a piano faculty member. The stated repertoire suggestions for graduate applicants should be followed.

A recording of an actual public performance is advantageous. If the recording is made in a studio, please play on a well-tuned grand piano. A single camera should be used. Editing is permitted between pieces and between movements of a larger work, but not within a piece or movement.

Please do not place paper covers over the DVD as this causes many recording to malfunction. Clearly label all repertoire on a separate sheet.

If you submit a recorded audition in place of a live audition, please also submit the supervised recording statement along with your recorded audition.

Revised October 2013