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Undergraduate Handbook 2007-08

Registration Information


Registration instructions are included in each semester's Schedule of Classes.


First Week Details

Applied lesson teacher assignments are made as soon as possible at the beginning of the first week of classes. It is the student's responsibility to check the assignments posted on the bulletin board outside 233 Music Building I (or on the instructor's door) and to arrange a lesson time with his/her teacher immediately. Registration for applied music lessons is handled by the music office staff.

Practice room sign-up dates and times will be posted outside the music office at the beginning of the first week of each semester. Students should consult these schedules to find out the procedure for signing up for a practice room. The amount of time allowed per student is based on his/her number of applied music lesson credits.

Instrument lockers are available for School of Music students on a first-come, first-served basis. Students should check with the staff assistant in 234 Music Building I for assignment of lockers.


Changing Course Schedules During the Semester: Drop/Add Procedure

Registration is a continuous process at Penn State. While exceptional circumstances may necessitate the need to process schedule changes after classes begin, students are encouraged to finalize all schedule changes prior to the first day of the semester. Once the semester begins, the process of changing the student's course schedule is referred to as dropping/adding courses.

Students who registered on time and completed their registration are permitted to add courses during the drop/add period. Students who late registered are also permitted to add courses during the drop/add period.

Courses may be added and dropped during the drop/add period for the semester, or proportional time frames for other than fifteen-week courses.

Courses dropped during the drop/add period of the semester are not recorded on the student's academic record. Courses dropped after the drop/add period and before the end of the late drop period are considered late drops, and are recorded on your academic record. There are limitations (baccalaureate degree-16 credits; associate degree-10 credits; non-degree-10 credits) on the number of late drop credits. Students may late drop courses in person or by using eLion. Dropping courses will likely reduce your ability to maintain normal degree progress, possibly delaying graduation. There are also financial issues to consider when dropping courses.

Courses added during the drop/add period do not require any special permission. To add a course that is full requires permission of the instructor; the student must add this course in person. Courses added after the drop/add period ends require permission of the instructor; students must late add courses in person. There is a $6.00 fee charged for each course processed as either a late add or a late drop.


Payment of Applied Music Fee

In addition to regular fees and charges, students who register for applied music courses are required to pay additional fees, which are determined by the number of credits involved. The fee for one credit of study in any given instrument or voice is $175 per semester, and $250 per semester for two or more credits. This fee will appear on the student's semester bill.