The College of Arts and Architecture

Eric McKee

Eric McKee

Congratulations to Professor McKee for receiving the 2013 College of Arts and Architecture Award for Excellence in Advising and Mentoring.

McKee is an adviser for the school's liberal arts degree, a program that appeals to a diverse student population. He teaches foundation courses as well as upper level special topics in music theory.

A former advisee wrote that, "Dr. McKee was an outstanding professor, mentor, and counselor during my time at Penn State...[he] always had his office door open and a bit of helpful advice for any passersby.... Dr. McKee's passion, insight, interest, charisma, encyclopedia-like knowledge, etc. all contribute to his effective teaching method and inspiring personality."

A faculty colleague also lauded his successes with students by saying, "In the end, I suspect that the key to Professor McKee's success is simple: he is genuinely interested in who his students are and what they are doing... He shares an authentic intellectual connection with these young people, and to go with it, he forms human relationships with his students that both he and they find deeply rewarding."