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Janey Martinsen

Janey Martinsen

Congratulations to Janey Martinsen who has been selected as a 2014-15 Classical Music Student Ambassador. A second-year graduate student in clarinet performance from Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, she received her undergraduate degree from Penn State in 2013. She studies clarinet with Anthony J. Costa.

The daughter of Gary Martinsen and Mike and Chrissey Wagner, Janey has been an active leader in the School of Music’s student community during her years on the University Park campus, participating in numerous ensembles and becoming a passionate advocate for the arts. She believes that her experiences at Penn State have provided her with “a serious passion for classical music and the creativity to share it with others in a unique way.”

Janey is honored to be selected and excited to begin her work as an ambassador. She states that the CMP ambassador program is “just what the classical music world needs - bringing it to people and places that wouldn't get to experience it otherwise.”  You can read more about Janey on her website:

The inaugural Classical Music Project Student Ambassador Program was developed in fall 2014 as a partnership between the Center for the Performing Arts and the School of Music. Classical Music Student Ambassadors—selected for their musicianship, leadership, and commitment to music advocacy—are provided with residency training and are charged with creating and implementing student-centered engagement and music advocacy programs. The work of the ambassadors is supported in part through a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

The program is based on the principle of “students-engaging-students,” and will be used to train student musicians to become strong arts advocates and future community-engaged leaders. The ambassadors’ objective is to bring live classical music into the fabric of student life and the community by coordinating activities such as dorm concerts, performances in non-traditional venues, and “informational performances” in both general education music classes and non-music classes. They are also tasked with generating enthusiasm for classical music and drawing attention to upcoming Classical Music Project programs offered by the Center for the Performing Arts.