The College of Arts and Architecture

Paul Barsom

Congratulations to Professor Emeritus, Paul Barsom on the release of his album under The Weed Garden, Boy Interrupted, on October 1st.  In a glowing review for Fret Buzz The Podcast, Anthony Scaltz writes: 

"Gorgeously crafted, The Weed Garden’s Boy Interrupted is full of stunning moments over  thirty-five minutes of powerfully emotional ebb and flow. As the project’s composer and producer, Paul Barsom expertly invents a nuanced and layered sonicscape in order to nudge its listeners into contemplation, imagination, and wonder."

Currently Barsom is working on singles and arranging tracks for his next album.

Boy Interrupted is available now for streaming through Spotify (and elsewhere), and download at CDbaby, Amazon Music, and Apple Music (CD Baby preferred).