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Peter Graff

peter graff

Peter Graff (M.A., Musicology) will present part of his thesis research at a conference titled "Silent Film Sound: History, Theory and Practice" to be held in Kiel, Germany on February 22-23. His paper is titled "Erno Rapée's Recovered Score to 'The Iron Horse' (1924)". Dr. Charles Youmans is serving as thesis advisor.

Peter presented a paper titled "Hidden Symbols in the Sixteenth-Century Office of St. Zenobius" at a meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the American Musicological Society on October 6 in Philadelphia, PA. The paper was advised by Marica Tacconi, Professor of Musicology.  

A native of Sioux Falls, SD, Peter received his undergraduate degree from Concordia College (MN). Upon graduation, he intends to pursue a Ph.D. in musicology.